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In addition to being a fangirl, I'm also an inline speed skater. If I'm not on Tumblr, I'm probably off skating a practice or something. I'm crazy about it and I work my ass off to be the best skater possible. One day I hope to compete at the national level and hopefully international level. :)




#i feel this is a good representation of a period

It’s back

you can represent any female issue with a Dean gif

can’t get your make-up to look right

get a text from the guy you like and it’s an unexpected dick pic

finding the perfect food to satisfy period cravings













from zero to internet explorer how ignored do you feel

white pencil crayon.

Terms and Conditions.

Warning label on cookie dough packages. 

“You must be 18 or older” webpage warnings



First piece of bread in a loaf.

Will Smith’s second son

Wait he has a second son?

No wiki page.



Celebrities taking the underground

What fucking subway is this

That perfect girl is gone.


Anon asked: Odin or Howard Stark?

Benedict Cumberbatch talks to fans on the set of Sherlock (x)

  • society: oh you have your period? well you have two options.
  • woman: okay.
  • society: you can use sanitary pads, which make you feel like you are wearing a diaper, and have the added fun benefit of being extremely uncomfortable and give you the extreme paranoia that they will not be enough coverage and at any moment with any movement or sudden sneeze you'll bleed over onto your clothes and walk around all day with blood stained trousers while everyone points and laughs at you.
  • woman: sounds awful. what's my second option.
  • society: a penis shaped wad of cotton that you shove uncomfortably inside yourself and it catches the blood before it leaves your body.
  • woman: still seems pretty awful.
  • society: wait! it gets better! there's the outside chance that using those will kill you!
  • woman: well, are they at least free? like how men can have access to free condoms? i mean, it's not like i'm choosing for this to happen.
  • society: HAHAHA! that's funny. no, you have to pay for them. and they're really fucking expensive.
  • woman:
  • society: oh, and if you tell anyone that you ARE on your period, your judgement, opinions, and reactions are going to be dismissed as the crazy ramblings of a lunatic.
  • woman:
  • society:
  • woman: i think i'll go with my third option.
  • society:
  • woman:
  • society: what third option?
  • woman: i think i'll bleed on everything you love.


Amy Pond aka the biggest fangirl of all time and space.




fun fact: “nolo” is latin for “do not want” so if someone says yolo you can say nolo and they’ll think its just a stupid comeback but in all actuality you’re speaking latin which is classy as shit so haha the jokes on them

and it means “(you’re) embarrassing” in finnish so it’s double joke on them




I’m suddenly struck with how if you remove the subtitles this just looks like a vintage anonymous hookup in a gay bar

with the subtitles it looks like a vintage hookup in a gay bar